Cygnus 3 Slot Overview

The Swedish ELK Studios slot series Cygnus is a phenomena that flares up closer to Earth than the Cygnus constellation. Cygnus 3 makes the series a trilogy (for now), and ELK Studios has taken it into new terrain. Cygnus 3’s main feature is the Cygnus Wheel, which gives quick winnings, free drops, and three set jackpots. The gravity-influenced Avalanche mechanism and multipliers remain, but Cygnus 3 is a different overall experience.

Players are acquainted with spending the night under a starry sky. Cygnus 3 honors the universe as much as its predecessors. The original Cygnus was inspired by Egypt, while Cygnus 2 was set in a wealthy person’s observatory. Cygnus 3 takes place in a Colosseum-style setting, and the load screen has a combat helm. Like its predecessors, Cygnus 3’s blend of astronomy and history gives it a hidden, esoteric feel, as if it knows something we don’t.

Cygnus is volatile and may be played in regular or bonus mode using the X-iter function. For both, use a 20 p/c to £/€100 starting bet. For all modes, the RTP is 94%, standard for ELK Studios slots at this time but lower than the original Cygnus’ 96.1%. Like previously, Cygnus 3 is played on a 6-columned grid with 4 rows of symbols every spin, which may be expanded to 8 rows by the Avalanche mechanism. When symbols Avalanche, gravity mechanics see them fall left or right rather than straight down since symbol reels are not flush.

All winning symbols burst off the grid and are replaced by fresh symbols appearing. Additional symbol rows are added up to 8 rows. The Avalanche function keeps triggering until no winning combinations appear. With 4,096 to 262,144 ways to win, winning combos start from the left side of the grid and include matching symbols on at least three adjacent reels. Diamonds, pentagons, and hexagons pay 0.2x the bet for 6 OAK, while eagles, horses, lions, and wreaths pay 0.4 to 10 times the wager.

Cygnus 3 Slot Features

Cygnus 3’s prize wheel, or Cygnus Wheel, rotates in the night sky. The game’s main feature is the Cygnus Wheel, along with Avalanches, multiplier wilds, free drops, and X-iter extra modes.

Wild multipliers

Each win is calculated using multiplier symbols and multiplier wild symbols on the reels. A multiplier wild that wins will return to a regular multiplier. The first multiplier symbol in the bottom row triggers its wild ability.

Cygnus Wheel

After Avalanches, a Cygnus Wheel symbol in the leftmost column spins the wheel. Cygnus Wheel delivers quick wins, free drops, or one of the jackpots—Cygnus €100,000, Star €10,000, or Sky €1,000. Jackpot odds grow with larger bets.

Free Drops

Free drops begin with 4 symbol rows. Multiplier and multiplier wilds stay on the bottom row between drops, maintaining multiplier levels. When multiplier symbols reach the bottom row for the first time, the wild ability returns. Cygnus Wheel symbols in free drops can activate a spin when they reach the leftmost column.


Cygnus may be played five ways using the purchase X-iter menu:

Bonus Hunt: Double your stake every drop to trigger the Cygnus Wheel.

Multiplier Wild – 10x the wager for 1 drop with a guaranteed multiplier wild of at least x5.

Rising Multiplier Wild symbols – 25x the stake for 1 drop, increasing in value with each win.

100x the stake for 1 drop activating the Cygnus Wheel.

Super Cygnus Wheel – 500x bet for 1 drop triggering wheel. If the Wheel pauses on free spins, the Super Bonus game activates, where multiplier symbols rise with each win.

Cygnus 3 Slot Review

Playing Cygnus 3 was like watching a fresh season of your favorite TV program with a new lead actor. Like replacing Liam Hemsworth with Henry Cavill in The Witcher or Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men. Cygnus 3 often drops symbols, gravitys them during Avalanches, and pops multiplier wilds to boost winnings. When the Cygnus Wheel symbol touches the leftmost column, the air changes and the Wheel activates.

Cygnus 3 will undoubtedly divide gamers between those who like the new features and those who don’t. Bad news first. Instant rewards are little and difficult to win. For example, you’ve spent 500x the stake to activate the Cygnus Wheel, hoping for the best bonus round, and received a 5x immediate reward. Ouch. Instantly, without even a weak round of free drops to be kicked in the crotch. Instantly booted and returned to basic game, almost as punishment. This is gambling, and the X-iter is optional, so free drops or Super Free Drops might be thrilling. While Cygnus 1 gave 5,000x potential and Cygnus 2 increased it to 50,000x, Cygnus 3’s non-jackpot ceiling is 10,000x, which is nice but not enough to hype this title.

The €100,000 Cygnus Jackpot is heavily touted and perhaps the most sought-after outcome in Cygnus 3. Cygnus 3 is a strong release, although it can punish and is excellent for jackpot hunters.

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